Cockroaches in your home or business are a very serious concern as they are carriers of known diseases.

If they are left untreated they can turn into a full blown infestation. We offer a full treatment and

monitoring programme to protect your home or business.



Bed Bugs- If you have been bitten at home or clients have reported bites particularly in a bedroom

there is a very high probability these bites are from Bed Bugs rather than from fleas which bite lower

part of the body (ankle and shins). Bed Bug treatments require a control strategy as we need to identify

the source and extent of the infestation. A full survey will be required to be carried out, from this we can

determine the extent of the infestation and the best solution to manage the infestation. After the full

survey a full treatment can then be carried out. Only the most advanced insecticide treatments can be

used, which only experienced technicians can perform these treatments. 


Fleas- If you are been bitten around your ankles/ shins in your home or work place this is most likely to be fleas. The two most common fleas are dog and cat flea, a full insecticide treatment using an insect growth regulator insecticide is required to control the infestation of fleas. 

The five steps to flea control:

  1. A full vacuuming of the area prior to treatment (empting the bag after vacuuming)

  2. Frequently wash and dry bedding

  3. An approved professional veterinarian flea product

  4. A full pest control treatment carried out

  5. Other pest/ species to be identified and controlled.


All other insect treatments can be carried out on request.


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