Fly Control


There are a variety of measures to control all types of flies in your home or working environment. It is important to control flies as they can transmit diseases and can contaminate food and work surfaces. 




Electronic Fly Killers



These come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the area they are required. The units can be used discreetly so that they can look like regular light fixtures. We can supply, fit and maintain a full range of fly killers for your home or business needs.

Fly screen Doors and Windows


In areas where windows and doors are unavoidably open fly screens are an ideal method of controlling flies from entering food preparation areas, these can be custom made to suit any size door or window in variety of colours and materials.

Fly Bags



The fly bag trap is an effective way to lower blue/ green bottle and house flies away from sensitive outdoor areas with a specially formulated food grade attractant. The flies are caught and trapped inside the bag which can be disposed off once full. Ideal for outdoor use in farms, stables, gardens and bin areas.

Fly Control Denton
Fly Control Denton
Fly Control Denton